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Transcendence features a network of experimental glass and acrylic constructions in three-dimensional space, a technique honed creating the Continuum. The term 'playground' best describes the sculpture - a place in which he experiments with natural phenomena and the symbiotic relationship shared with the elements of structure, man-made materials, light and colour.






By recreating the natural phenomena - formed from light - we experience day to day James in an artificial environment, he can alter the elements to form a journey. Altering the structure, physical or projected, or the materials qualities and colour James experiences the beautiful and unquestionable relationship these elements create and studies the interaction. 

The outcome of this journey leads to a unique series of images, captured as a photo documentary of his vision through the playground. Through post processing, namely increasing the luminosity, the resulting view is intensified.

"Even under artificial conditions I can never truly escape the natural. Each experiment reveals a new way in which the four elements respond to one another, each image revealing a new phenomenon. My visual recording of these experiences leaves me with blurred boundaries between the real and the illusory... it is truly mind bending." 

All of this results in a series that realises deeply ethereal two-dimensional images that seemingly transcend the three dimensional constructivist geometries of the playground and the laws it adheres to, giving way to uncertainty and creating scenes that are truly metaphysical.

A sample of an exprimental playground fo

Sample of an experimental playground.