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James was responsible for the collection of exhibited sculptures in Thamesmead, London (labelled 2-5 opposite). The realisation of this creative journey was a product of working with students, teaching the principles of Site Specific Sculpture. The project also involved a working relationship with local industry, Norman Foster and Partners, a highlight of James's working career.


Each piece of work responds to the site - The Norman Foster Building. This series showcases an array of steel working achieving a variety of compositions, forms and styles within in the built environment. 

His other work Geometric Forms in Space (labelled '6' opposite) was showcased in the grounds of the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy. The piece addresses natural phenomena through the use of optical illusions within natural landscape - highly mirrored surfaces cause the pieces to disappear and reappear creating kinetic sculpture. Mirrors conjure reflections, reminiscent of the Lunar surface, inviting the observer to orbit the pieces for alternate perspectives.

James recently put forward a project proposal for a Site-Specific Memorial Sculpture dedicated to the residents of East Yorkshire Hospital (labelled '1' opposite). This design is currently being discussed by the local Council. Read more about this project and keep up to date with latest news here.

Firstly, he likes to work with the client to develop their ideas and desires for the piece, working within the desired financial budget to achieve a unique piece of work that addresses the site location, context as well as the narrative for the brief. He has a particular preference for developing ideas for regeneration to local communities and the urban environment. Based on this information an aesthetic proposal is drafted, accompanied with visual designs and a small-scale three dimensional concept for approval. James will then coordinate with UK industry - Architects & Civil Engineers - to achieve the finished piece of sculpture.


Luna Studio 47 prides itself on ecological industrial design where possible.

James is available for commissions and will explore the desired brief personally to realise any design from companies to communities.