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East Yorkshire Hospital Memorial Sculpture 2020

I have put forward a current project proposal for a site-specific sculpture to be located in East Yorkshire to the local Council on 6th November.  Over the coming months I hope to be moving forward with this project (Covid19 could potentially slow down the progress.)

Once potential funding is finalised and any other issues have been teased out and resolved with both council and myself, I will aim to proceed with overseeing the intention of my sculpture design.  With Council support I hope to link up with local businesses, industry, Architect and Project Manager.

During this development, all the creative problem solving will take place at Luna Studio 47 and local industry. I will be keeping a visual and annotated recorded diary of this journey as the project unfolds, so watch this space!

My first instalment of this journey will be to make an analysis of the site location for the Site-Specific  Hospital Memorial Sculpture. 

Note: Review of site location took place on Tuesday 11th August 2020.

Analysis of the site location is an essential part of the process when developing ideas for a public site-specific Sculpture.

InkedIMG_20200805_0002  2. (3).jpg
IMG_20200805_0001  bbbb.jpg
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