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Educational Workshops

James can provide fine art eduction and in light of this provides artistic, practical direction for sculpture, design and fine art and is qualified and experienced to teach from year 7 to higher education levels. See his Bio for more info. Much of James' career has been helping guide students through to higher education at public institutions for many years and is now keen to offer outreach educational services to all ages wishing to learn some of the traditional skills in three dimensional making and assist in portfolio building. 

James's current outreach projects include the following; 

  • Relief Sculpture through clay modelling leading to mould making and casting

  • Portfolio Building

  • Collection of short projects linked to the natural environment:

    • Recycling scrap materials to make a sculpture reflection natural form

    • Exploring the natural forms & materials found in nature

    • Working with willow to construct small habitats for woodland creatures

    • Tie-Dying with natural materials

    • Creating a mixed media metal wire structure combined with recycled materials

In addition to the above, James has a great appreciation to the therapeutic benefits of engaging in practical based art and would be happy to apply these educational workshops to support local communities and community projects (social prescribing). 


James' educational portfolio is available to preview below. To view this in full screen, click the four arrows at the top of the PDF viewer. This can be used to project for presentation purposes.


If you would like to enquire, feel free to contact James by Email or through the Contact form on the website.

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