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Glass Sculptures

Handmade creative services available:


  • Much of the handmade art & design work seen below can be made on commission. 


If you would like to enquire, feel free to contact James by Email or Contact form on the website.

Radiance can be perceived as the precursor to the continuum, a series of maquettes, bozettos to the glass continuum.


However its individualism emboldens the mood of each piece - acrylic, glass and reflection create geometry, familiar to our common triangle yet a distant abstraction when the viewpoint is altered. The optical illusions in Radiance can be simultaneously connected or broken, it is merely a matter of perspective.


The work is reminiscent of James Turrell. The genius of the work can be traced back to Caravaggio and his use of Chiaroscuro. This series is inspired by natural phenomena - figures walking through your reflection.  


Pt. 1

Pt. 2


Constructivist. Cubist. Neo Plastic. The continuum displays hints of these movements, within a labyrinth of parallel projection, denoted by line, light and colour. Fundamental to James's practice is trying to recreate natural phenomena under controlled, artificial settings.

The Continuum was built in association with Pilkington Glass, intended for display within the World of Glass, Merseyside, Liverpool. 


The final piece of the transparent collection, Apex exhibits the triangulum forms of Radiance composed with the same labyrinthian quality of Continuum, creating a unique 3D sculpture - a network of reflections when illuminated. 

The piece was fixed under lighting canopy capable of rotating through 360 degrees. When the light pierces the Apex it creates a pulse of light, almost a Pulsar deep in Space. 


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