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Handmade creative services available:


  • Much of the handmade art & design work and upcycled objects seen below can be similarly made on commission. 

  • Alternatively, `Luna Studio 47’ can create handmade bespoke work to meet your requirements. 

  • Upcycle your throwaway or your sentimental objects, giving them fresh context and new purpose. 

James is a firm believer of practising what you preach and is proud to display his work within his home.


His interior furnishing is refined and elegant while maintaining honesty in the materials; reclaimed wood, burnished metal and soothing light. The illumination light provides is fundamental to James's approach, incorporating sculptural lighting within his interior furnishing.

The carpentry and metalworking skills James has honed throughout his artistic career allows Luna Studio 47 to provide you with bespoke handcrafted furniture that is both practical, artistic and tailored to your needs. 

Like his sculpture work, James can offer you a commissionable furnishing service to achieve your dream home. His response to this area of his practice, is very much rooted in his love of upcycling and reinventing the old, lost and found objects with a drive to give them new purpose and context. As a result of James's material recycling no two pieces are ever the same. The outcome is an extraordinary, beautiful and very functional object, that is both a conversation piece and a visual enhancement to the interior of your home. ​


If you would like to enquire, feel free to contact James by Email or Contact form on the website.